Quality Policy

Siddharth Chlorochem Pvt. Ltd. will earn customer loyalty by providing products, service, and interaction experiences of the highest quality and greatest value.

We aim to be a quality leader through Total Quality commitment to our customer and have therefore adopted the following principal with our business:

Our Quality System has been established and is maintained in support of our Quality Policy and the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standards. In meeting the requirements of these standards it is subject to regular reviews and all activities are audited in a systematic manner to identify potential problems, introduce preventative measures and provided a basis for continuous improvement.

The nature of company’s activities also place particular emphasis on both individual and collective experience, capability, reliability and quality of work performance for which individuals are appropriately trained.

The responsibility for the effectiveness of the Quality System is ultimately ours, and is discharged on a day to day basis throughout all staff and approved suppliers. In this manner we believe that we shall achieve our objectives.